The Fischer-Backus Way

How we build cables…..

Historic Equivalents

1. We make all sorts of assemblies--each one has an engineering control drawing that ensures consistent quality. So, the first step in building a cable is for our customer service department to locate the drawing. any image to display a larger image...

2. Since we’re a job shop, everything we build is custom. Engineering produces a standard router -- which is a document we use to control the flow of the cable through our shop. (Router.pdf)

3. A bill of materials is generated from the control drawing and sent to the stockroom where all the non-wire components are taken from inventory and bagged for production.

4. Next, we must pull the required wire lengths from our large stock of cable.

5. If a harness is being built, the individual wires need to be cut and stripped. (92-0006.pdf, 92-0007.pdf, 92-0008.pdf)


6. Terminals are applied in our presses…. Each terminal requires it’s own set of tooling. Click on the photos below to see the super-enlarged view showing the detail of our work.

(click image to see the movie)
7. We use an inkjet printer, specially adapted to print very small characters, to label the cable assemblies. (


8. When the parts are ready for final assembly, the connectors are installed, wires are laced, and final test is performed.

(our first aseembly testing station--in the 80s--we used a TRS-80 computer!)
9. Everything is ready to go into the box at the shipping department.